Sawlog Calc for Android

                 version 3.2

Page last updated: 4/02/2017

Sawlog screen, where measurements and price can
                    be entered to calculate the weight, yield and value
                    of a sawlog

Tally List screen, which shows all tallies,
                      with summary information for each

Tally screen, which shows the summary
                            information for one tally, and a list of all
                            the logs in the tally

What is it?
This app knows saw logs. Give it the small diameter of a log, the length, and the species: it will give you back the yield in board feet, and estimated weight. Add the saw log to a list (a tally) which keeps a running total of yield and estimated weight. Keep as many tallies as you need (Pro version). Send the tally out via email (Pro version). Useful for anyone working with a sawmill or lumber trees.


  • Supports Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above
  • Enter log dimensions in feet or inches, fraction or decimal. Convert any dimension from one format to another.
  • Four log rules: International 1/4 inch, Doyle, Scribner Decimal C (formula) and the slightly different Scribner Decimal C Table
  • Average weights for over 100 North American species included
  • Put your own species names & weights in a custom list (Pro version)
  • Calculates a typical large diameter from the small diameter and length, or you can enter a measured large diameter
  • Enter a price per board foot to find the value of a log; a tally sums the values of all of it's logs
  • Any tally can be locked to prevent accidental changes
  • Keep any number of tallies (Pro version)
  • Manage tallies: edit values of an already-entered log, move logs from one tally to another, delete logs or tallies
  • Export any tally via email, as text, comma-separated-values, or both (Pro version)


SawlogCalc comes in Personal (free) and Pro (paid) versions. There is no advertising in either version. Both share the same screens and almost the same functionality. The Personal version is the same as the Pro version except that lists are temporary and can not be exported. You can build up a list of logs, see running totals for weight and yield, choose the log rule of your heart's desire, move logs from one list to another, etc. But when you exit the app, rotate, go to settings, or go to help, the lists will evaporate in SawlogCalc Personal. If you only need to deal with one log at a time, or temporarily add up a tally of logs, the Personal version will work well. If you need to retain tallies or export them, the Pro version is required.


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