Pictures of the house I'm building.

September 4th: slab is in! Basement load-bearing walls went up, trusses went on top, sub-floor is sprouting all over the place
despite glaring sun and the occasional thunderstorm. Oh, and the first mouse has moved into the basement. I've chased it out
three times, but with no walls up I don't think the mouse is taking me seriously.

picture from east

August 19th: Rain is hurting us. Haven't had enough dry weather to pour the slab. Need the slab to build the basement walls
that support some of the floor trusses.

picture from east

August 12th: Plumbing is done, short walls have been built and put in place. Ready for floor trusses (due in a few days). The
basement is also ready for the slab work to begin (some of the foam that will go under the slab is to the right in the picture)
picture of
      basement from east, short walls up

It's starting to look like a basement, except for the whole roasting in the sun while standing on gravel part. The round device
in the floor next to the blue pipe is an ejector pump. What goes down must be pumped back up (to the septic tank).

picture of basement interior, short walls up

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Late July - the basement and backfill

June to mid-July - early days

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