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Note: the Windows and Palm versions of BoardCalc are no longer available for purchase. This page will remain here to support folks who have purchased either of them in the past. If you need to install BoardCalc on a new machine, download from here, install, and send me the reg code from the About page so that I can send you back a new activation key.


For Palm and Windows OS, BoardCalc is a suite of calculators for woodworkers: a general-purpose calculator, a log weight/yield calculator, and a moisture shrinkage calculator. It ‘thinks’ in fractions, feet and inches, yards, board feet, or metric. It does conversions between metric and imperial units, decimal and fractions, board feet and areas/volumes. BoardCalc 2.2 can be run on a PC (Windows®) or a Palm® OS device.


General Purpose Calculator -

  • On a Palm OS device, one calculator page has buttons large enough to operate with a finger. Another calculator page requires a stylus but contains all the calculator buttons including units
  • Works with fractions or decimal values, converts back and forth with one button press
  • Calculates board feet from 2 or 3 dimensions, an area, or a volume
  • Easy conversions between:  inches / feet / yards / board feet / mm / cm / meters for length, area or volume
  • Values can be entered as whole/fraction, decimal or feet/inches/fraction
  • Graffiti (Palm) or keyboard (PC) input can be used, as well as pressing calulator buttons
  • Display of fractions can be rounded to nearest 1/2, 4th, 8th, 16th, 32nd or 64th without changing the accuracy of the stored value
  • A memory register stores, sums and recalls values. Also has a clear button
  • Display of feet/inches/fraction can show inches/fraction below a user-selectable number of feet ( 23 ˝” vs. 1’11 ˝”)
  • A percent button
  • Backspace button (a goof doesn’t mean starting over)
  • Display shows the entire current calculation (as opposed to a single number as most calculators do)

Log Weight/Yield Calculator -

  • Estimates the weight of a log, given the small diameter, length and species
  • Calculates the lumber yield of the log in board feet, using the Doyle, Scribner Decimal C or International 1/4 inch log rule
  • The result of each calculation (weight and yield) is put in the recent calculations list
  • Log Weight and Yield can be put directly into the User's Saved List (and imported to the PC version after a HotSync from the Palm OS version)
  • Memory buttons can be used to save weight and yield, or keep a running total
  • Green Density data for over 100 North American species is included in Master Species List

Shrinkage Calculator -

  • Calculates the change in dimension according to relative humidty and wood species
  • Calculates for either radial or tangential change
  • Three dimensions are shown, each at its own relative humidity
  • When any dimension or relative humidity is changed, the effect on all three dimensions is calculated
  • Shrinkage data for over 200 species of domestic and imported species is included in the Master Species List

General -

  • Recent calculations list stores complete calculations in a sensible format
  • User’s saved list - keeps a list of editable text lines that the user can save from general purpose calculator, the log weight/yield calculator, or from recent calculations. Each line is editable, and up to 99 lines are saved. The list from the Palm OS device can be imported into the PC version, after a HotSync.
  • The Palm OS version works with color or monochrome devices, on Palm OS versions 3.0 and above
  • The Windows version works under Windows 98 or higher
  • Species lists can be sorted alphabetically, by shrinkage (tangential or radial), by stability (tangential vs radial shrinkage) or by green density (weight)
  • A custom species list can contain new species, the smaller number of species you regularly use, or species edited with your data