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     Image of Android screen         SawlogCalc, a tool to calculate the yield,
                      value and estimated weight of one or more sawlogs


BoardCalc is a general-purpose calculator available for Android ®

Anyone who uses a tape measure or a ruler might find BoardCalc useful. Measurements today come as a mixed bag of metric, inches, feet, fractions, percentages and decimal. This app makes converting between or doing math with any combination of these comfortable. If you would like to add 7mm to 1.625 inches and find the answer on a  ruler marked in 16ths of an inch, then BoardCalc is your friend. Think of it as a pocket calculator that also likes fractions and measurements.

BoardCalc is particularly useful for carpenters and  woodworkers. Calculate the board feet of lumber from two or three measurements of a board (any units). Add that to a running total in calculator memory. Work easily with length, area or volume. Want to find the edge of a 5mm shelf pin hole that is centered 2" in from the front of the shelf upright, in 32nds of an inch?

SawlogCalc is a tool to estimate the weight and lumber yield of a saw log. Give it the small diameter, length and species of a log, and it will estimate the weight and calculate the board feet of lumber according to Doyle, Scribner or International log rule. It can keep a running total of weight & yield. The Android version can keep multiple lists of saw logs, in detail, and export the lists (pro version). More than 100 North American species of tree are included. If you run a sawmill or deal with one, this might be a useful app.