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                 version 3.0
rev 3.0.14
Page last updated: 1/Mar/2016

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What is it?
BoardCalc is a general-purpose calculator that thinks in fractions, lengths, areas and volumes (including board feet). Converting from one unit of measure to another takes one button press. Changing a fraction to decimal takes one press. Fractions can be rounded to reasonable powers of two by sliding a finger across the display.

  • Supports Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) or newer
  • Work in any combination of fractions and decimal, convert back and forth with a button press
  • Round any fraction to the nearest half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second or sixty-fourth
  • Work in and convert between inches, feet, yards, millimeters, centimeters, and meters in length, area or volume
  • Calculate board feet from 2 or 3 dimensions, an area, or a volume
  • Enter values as whole / fraction, decimal, or feet / inches / fraction
  • Ten memory registers, any of which can be locked to keep the value from changing accidentally
  • Backspace button: a goof doesn't mean starting over
  • Add or subtract a percentage of any measurement, area or volume
  • History shows recent calculations

Wish List: (possible features for future revisions)

  1. Learning mode pop-ups: when BoardCalc is first run, pop-ups can highlight how it works.

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